General Terms and Conditions of Use

These general terms and conditions of use, hereafter (called "T&Cs"), apply to Users of the website accessible via the URL and other associated URLs (hereafter called "Website") managed by the company Paris Attitude.

Date of last update of the T&Cs: 01/07/2017


Lessor: means any natural or legal person who has mandated Paris Attitude to publish his/her Property Offered online and to offer it for rent to Users.

Property Offered: means any furnished property intended for accommodation for which the Lessor has mandated Paris Attitude in order to offer it for rent to the Users of the Website.

Rental Contract: means the agreement establishing rental of the Property belonging to the Lessor by the Lessee, for a determined duration and under the specific terms and conditions set out in this Contract.

Rental Request: means the explicit request sent by a User to Paris Attitude containing personal contact details, possible search criteria and potential Properties Offered that he/she would have selected. The Rental Request is treated by Paris Attitude for the purpose of forming a Rental Contract of the Property Offered which is finally selected.

Lessee Space: A space reserved on the Website for Users who hold a lessee account in which they can manage their profile and follow their bookings.

Owner Space: A space reserved on the Website for Users who hold an owner account in which they can manage the availability calendar for their Property Offered and the Rental Requests and Rental Offers received.

Online Booking Form: A Form allowing the User to send a Rental Request to the Lessor according to the terms and conditions defined hereunder.

Lessee: means any natural or legal person who is seeking to rent a Property Offered or who has signed a contract with the Lessor via Paris Attitude.

Rental Mandate: is the power conferred by the Lessor to Paris Attitude so that they can put the Property Offered for rent on their Website.

Rental Offer: means the offer made to the Lessor by Paris Attitude following a Rental Request from a User who is a potential Lessee. The Lessor accepts or refuses the Rental Request from their Owner Space within a maximum timeframe of 24 (twenty-four) hours counting from the deposit of the Rental Request in the Lessor's Owner Space .

Main Occupant: is any physical person adult or child living in the Property Offered during the term of the Rental Contract and registered in the Rental Contract as such. The Main Occupant may be distinct from the Lessee.

User: means any physical person acting on their own behalf or on behalf of a moral person and who uses the Website with the aim of renting a property, put their property up for rent, or simply in a consultative capacity.

General Information

All access to the Website as well as use of any service offered by Paris Attitude implies unconditional acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

These conditions are binding for the entire duration of access to the Website and during the use of services by the User.

These conditions form an integral part of the Rental Contract and none of the parties to the contract can waive them even through mutual accord.

Paris Attitude reserves the right to amend the T&Cs if it is deemed necessary. All access to the Website or to use of Services by the User after possible amendment implies acceptance of the new General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The User can, at any time, stop using the services offered on the Website but remains responsible for all prior use.

Any person who uses the service has a period of 14 days to exercise their right of withdrawal as fixed by law.

User accounts

Registration process for the Lessee and rules relating to his/her account

The Lessee User has the possibility of creating their Lessee Space in two ways:
- In a proactive way: The User can click on the link Create your Lessee Space after having displayed the connection window by clicking on the main menu on Connection > Lessee Space. After filling in all the obligatory fields, the User receives an email inviting him/her to activate his/her account by clicking on the link set up for this purpose.
- In a passive way: Upon sending a Rental Request, if the User is new on the Website, an account on the Lessee Space is automatically created. He/she will then receive an email informing him/her that the space has been created, with an invitation to log onto the site to personalise his/her password.

Registration process for the Lessor and rules relating to his/her account

An account on Owner Space is created automatically for the Lessor whose Property Offered is published for the first time on the Website. If the Lessor wishes to have another Property Offered on the reference list this will be administered via the same account.

Rules regarding User accounts

Access to personal spaces, Lessee Space or Lessor Space, is carried out by means of a personal log-in and password chosen by the User. These identifiers and passwords are personal and strictly confidential. The User is solely responsible for use of his/her account and of access to his/her personal space which will be carried out under his/her log-in and password.

The User undertakes to provide full and exact personal information, so that Paris Attitude does not have to verify the accuracy of the personal data.

This information must be substantiated on the first request of Paris Attitude. The User undertakes to alert Paris Attitude of any possible difficulty regarding access to his/her space or in a general way of any particular difficulty to the following address:

In the event of errors committed by the User as regards the email address provided or any other problem regarding the User's account, Paris Attitude reserves the right to block access to the Lessee Space and/or to the Lessor Space until the problem is resolved.

In the event of ID theft, the User will inform Paris Attitude by electronic means to the following address: within a twenty-four (24)-hour timeframe following disovery of the ID theft.

The Lessee undertakes not to create or use any other accounts than this one initially created without prior written authorisation from Paris Attitude. In default, any prior account could be cancelled.

Use of the Website

Use of the Website by the Lessee

- Searching for a Property Offered:
The Lessee seeking to rent a furnished property can consult the Website for offers published by Paris Attitude at any time. It has a search engine allowing catalogue results to be filtered and access to be gained to the main information concerning the Properties Offered, in particular: geographic location, price, description of the property with several photos, availability and the opinions left of previous lessees if applicable.

- Selection of properties offered and Rental Request:
The Lessee is able to send a Rental Request with no charge applying to Paris Attitude. He/she may attach a selection of up to five (5) of the Properties Offered. Paris Attitude undertakes to treat this request by verifying the availability of the Properties Offered selected by the Lessee, by searching other similar properties or those corresponding to the search criteria of the Lessee if necessary, and to take all necessary steps for the formation of the Rental Contract. All regulations governing rental are contained in said contract.

- Lessee Space:
The Lessee Space allow the Lessee to facilitate searches and management of furnished rentals. Lessees can manage their profile, i.e. their surname, first name, date of birth, address, email, password for connection, telephone number. These details, once registered, are used for each new Rental Request. It behoves the Lessee to verify these are exact before sending each Rental Request and if necessary, to enter their Space to correct the details. The Lessee can also follow their reservations (address of the property, status of the request).

Use of the Website by the Lessor

- Listing (referencing) a Property Offered:
the Lessor has the option of sending a request for having his/her property listed via a form on the Website. On receipt, Paris Attitude reserves the right to judge if the property presented sufficiently satisfies the policy of internal quality which has been set, based both on objective criteria of equipment, state and geographic location of the property on one hand, and on the other on subjective criteria such as decoration and style. If the property satisfies the preliminary test, a second evaluation takes place during a physical visit from a Paris Attitude representative during the course of which the agent will draw up a detailed inventory of the property and will take photos, thus allowing a property page to be created and published on the Website. To finalise the listing, the Lessor candidate and Paris Attitude sign a contract giving Paris Attitude a mandate to offer the property for rent. All rules governing this contractual relation are contained in said mandate. The mandate is signed by hand between the Lessor and the Paris Attitude agent.

- Classifying of a property in the search results:
classification of a Property Offered in the search results depends in part on the search criteria entered by the Lessor and of the score allocated to this property by Paris Attitude at the time of the search. This score varies from day to day, allowing the most pertinent results possible be brought to the Lessor. It is calculated in particular thanks to the date of the last updating of the calendar of available property, the rate of cancellations of rentals confirmed by the Lessor, and the type of mandate to which he or she is subscribed with Paris Attitude.

- De-listing a property:
Paris Attitude or the Lessor can decide at any time to stop the execution of the mandate they have concluded. Rules regarding termination are specified in said mandate. Consequently, Paris Attitude will cancel the display of the Property Offered in the search results of its Website.

- Owner Space:
The Owner Space allows the Lessor to manage his/her property or properties listed on the Website, his/her Rental Offers and profile: :
. Management of Property Offered: the Lessor can independently manage the updating of the availability of their property. The Lessor can also easily make contact with the agent in charge of his/her property to amend the list of equipment, amend the amount of rent or ask for de-listing of a property
. Management of Rental Offers: the Lessor can accept or refuse a Rental Offer from their own space.

System of Evaluation and Opinions

Evaluation of the Paris Attitude service on external platforms

Lessees and Lessors have the possibility of evaluating the Paris Attitude service via an email which will be sent to them. They are arbitrarily redirected via this email to one of the following two platforms: or The publication of opinions or posts left on these platforms is governed in accordance with their own rules.

Evaluation of the Paris Attitude service and the Properties Offered on the Website

At the end of each rental, the Lessee is invited by email to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire allowing him/her to:
- Rate the service given by Paris Attitude: this mark is added to the calculation of the general mark published on the Website at the bottom of the page as well as on the page This part of the questionnaire also allows Paris Attitude to publish the Lessor’s opinion regarding its service, if the Lessor has no objection to this.
- Rate the property where he/she has just stayed: this mark is added to the general mark of the Property Offered on the property page on the Website. This part of the questionnaire also allows Paris Attitude to publish the Lessor’s opinion regarding its service, if the lessor is not opposed to this.

Minimal Configuration Required

To access the Website and service, the User must:
- have lawful broadband internet access and pay a subscription to their operator of electronic communications;
- possess functional IT equipment as well as an Internet browser with the necessary configurations for the normal functioning of the service, including:
• Have the latest version of a well-known browser;
• Have activated the functions of JAVASCRIPT in their Internet browser;
• Have activated reception of "cookies";
• Have accepted display of "Pop up" windows.

If the User has recourse to a software like "Pop up Killer", the proper functioning of the Website and of the service cannot be guaranteed.

Warnings and disclaimers

In principle, the Website is accessible 24/7.

Moreover, the User recognises that the Website can, and this is not an exhaustive list:

- Be unavailable because of maintenance operations;
- Be modified: developments or improvements can be brought, modes of access can be modified, functionalities can be added or cancelled;
- Cease, definitively or temporarily, completely or partially.

In no event, will these modifications or impossibilities in accessing the Lessee or Lessor Space give rise to any compensation.

Users also state they accept the characteristics and limits of the internet and are aware of the nature of communication networks, in particular, their technical performances and response times for consulting, questioning or transferring data. Users are also aware that data circulating on the internet are not necessarily protected, including against possible diversions. Any potential damage and disruption. inherent in communication networks will constitute a case of force majeure.

Paris Attitude will not be liable, in any event, for any damage, of whatever nature, direct or even indirect, resulting from the use of the Website and service as well as access to the internet, including any damage caused to the Users' computer hardware, or any financial or reputational loss. Users are informed and accept unreservedly that Paris Attitude can, at any time, and without any prior warning, delete, add or modify any or every part of the functionalities or features of the Website and service.
Users are informed that the Website may contain hyperlinks sending them to other websites. By clicking on these links, the User leaves the Paris Attitude Website. Paris Attitude exercises no control whatsoever on the content published on its websites which are edited and managed by third parties and cannot in any event be held responsible for any consequence resulting from the use of the Website and service of third-parties, including those of partners of Paris Attitude.
For perfect information on the User, it is specified that it has recourse to the technology called "cookies" on the Website.
The User acknowledges that the photographs of the Property are provided solely to give an idea of the Property sought by the User. Paris Attitude shall in no way be held responsible for any damage, of any nature whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, which may result from a difference in the User's perception of the Property between the photographs of the Property accessible on the website and the actual visual perception of the Property specific to each User upon entering the premises.
The User can oppose the recording of "cookies" by configuring his/her software for internet browsing or his/her terminal for this purpose. This configuration may disrupt browsing by the User on the Website and use of the service.

Information concerning the use of cookies

Users are informed of the existence of cookies which they accept without reservation.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie (also known as "tracer"), is a text file that can be saved, depending on your settings, in a dedicated area on the hard disk of your computer, phone or tablet, when you visit an online service using your browsing software. A cookie file enables the issuer to identify the computer, phone or tablet on which it has been saved during, throughout its validity period, i.e., for 13 months.

What are the cookies generated on our site used for ?

List of cookies

You can consult the current list of cookies by clicking here.

The issuance and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the protection of these third parties' privacy policies. We hereby inform you of the purpose of these cookies that we know about and the resources you have to make decisions regarding these cookies.

Your decisions regarding cookies

  • Setting your cookie preferences:
You have several options available for managing cookies.
We hereby inform you that any settings changes may affect your browsing on the internet and our website, as well as your conditions for accessing certain services that require the use of a cookie.
You can choose at any time to express and change your wishes regarding cookies, as described below.
  • You can set your web browser to accept or reject all cookies. Keep in mind that if you disable all cookies, your username and password will no longer be stored on any websites. So you will need re-enter them each time you visit certain sites that require a login password.
  • For each cookie, you are free to accept or reject saving it on your computer, phone or tablet, and delete your cookies at regular intervals if you so desire.

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To configure your browser :

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  1. Open Firefox
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  4. Select the "Privacy" tab
  5. On the right side of the "History" dropdown menu, click "Use custom settings for history"
  6. A bit lower, uncheck "Accept cookies from sites"
  7. Save your preferences by clicking "OK"
Tip : On a MAC, go directly in Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > and just check "Tell websites I do not want to be tracked."

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  • Tracking your navigation with the "Matomo" tool


Paris Attitude concedes to the User the right to use the service offered via the Website on a non-exclusive basis, for his/her own uses, throughout the world, during the entire time of being a User in the sense of these T&Cs.

The content present on the Website or accessible by its intermediary are the property of Paris Attitude and, as the case may be, of its partners.

The User undertakes in particular not to reproduce, modify, adapt, transform, publish, issue, post, transmit or distribute, by any means whatsoever, without prior and written authorisation from Paris Attitude, the content present on the Website or accessible by intermediary of the Website, such as logos, texts, sounds, graphics or images, databases.

Any exploitation not expressly authorised of the Website content or accessible by the intermediary of the Website results is infringing the intellectual property rights of Paris Attitude or of its partners and constitutes an infringement. The User is thus informed that any exploitation not expressly authorised may result in incurring civil or criminal liability. Paris Attitude reserves the right to engage in legal proceedings against any User who would not have respected this prohibition.

Data protection and treatment of personal data

Tax obligations for the Lessor

The Lessor must comply with the legislation in force in terms of taxes for declaring any income derived from rentals of his Property Offered.

Miscellaneous provisions

These T&Cs are governed by French law.

The User is informed of the possibility of recourse, in the event of dispute, to a conventional mediation procedure or to any alternative process for resolving the dispute. If the parties cannot succeed in finding an amicable agreement, litigation may be brought before the competent court.