Before the stay

What is the procedure once the rental is confirmed with Paris Attitude?
Once the rental is confirmed, the rental and property owner will get in touch with each other. All contact information will have been previously been provided by Paris Attitude.

These initial exchanges are an opportunity for the property owner and renter to get to know one another before the stay.
The property owner will then have the opportunity to explain to the renter to go to his/her apartment and answer any questions the renter may have.

The renter must, in turn, pay the down payment for his/her rent to the property owner. For this, the property owner is asked to inform the renter of the payment methods he/she takes and the information of his/her Paypal account, where applicable.

The renter must inform the owner of his/her arrival time in Paris, as soon as this is known, in order to arrange a time to meet at the apartment to hand over the keys and move in.

Finally, the renter must be insured for his/her stay. If his/her usual homeowner's/renters insurance does not cover the rental, he/she can take out insurance with one of the insurance companies Paris Attitude has established partnerships with.

The stay

How does move-in work ?
After previously making an appointment with the property owner , he/she or his/her representative will welcome you at the apartment on the day of your arrival.

We recommend that you inform the property owner of your estimated arrival time as soon as possible.
Move-ins are usually arranged for between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. However, some property owners will accept move-ins in the morning or on Sundays and holidays, for a fee. So, ask your Paris Attitude consultant about the options offered by the property owner.

He/she will be with you an overview and inventory of furniture, and give you the keys to the apartment.
How do I extend my stay once in the apartment ?
If you wish to extend your stay in the apartment, just contact Paris Attitude by phone or email. We will then verify the feasibility with the owner and issue a new rental agreement.
Are linens provided in the apartment ?
All our apartments are furnished and ready to live in. The amenities provided are shown on the description of each apartment. Linens (sheets, towels, dish towels) as well as dishes, are provided.
Is internet access included in the rent ?
Internet access is included in the rent for apartments for which the wording "internet connection" is shown on the site.
Are animals allowed in the apartments ?
Most property owners do not allow pets. However, if you are coming with your pet, please notify us so that we may ask the owner if it will be allowed.
Is smoking permitted in the apartments ?
Most of our apartments are non-smoking.


How does move-out work ?
The property owner and the renter will get together to agree on a time to meet at the apartment on the move-out day.

Upon when the renter leaves the premises, they will sign a move-out inventory.

In the case of a rental lasting one month or more, an electricity and/or gas meter reading is taken in order to assess the amount payable by the renter.

Once this amount is deducted, the owner will return the security deposit to the renter.

Your booking request cannot contain more than 5 apartments. Check your selection to modify or validate your request.

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