Rental terms

Does Paris Attitude accepts apartments throughout Paris ?
Paris Attitude strictly selects the apartments listed on its website to be available for furnished rental. A team of consultants specializing in temporary furnished rentals in Paris is responsible for visiting all the apartments on our site before Owner Area them.

All apartments must have a minimum surface area of 15m². They must be located in Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt or Levallois-Perret. The apartment must be fully furnished, equipped, and thoroughly maintained.

We prefer apartments with a decorative atmosphere that appeals to the greatest number of prospective renters, i.e., a sleek contemporary style with neutral colors. The apartment must of course be equipped with all the necessary appliances, linens and any other convenience that will make the stay comfortable for the renter so that they can be welcomed by an apartment that is ready to live in.
Can I entrust the management of my apartment in Paris Attitude ?
Paris Attitude is a transaction firm.

It's up to the property owner or his/her representative to be present in the apartment for the move-in and move-out. However, we can recommend property management companies that will fully handle the management of your apartment.
How do I declare my rent earnings ?
Rent declaration depends on the tax status of each property owner.

That is why we recommend you consult the tax service, your accountant, or your tax advisor.
What type of insurance is required to rent my apartment furnished ?
The owner must take non-occupant homeowner's insurance with their insurer. This is mandatory.
For any other type of insurance, we recommend you contact your insurer.

Optimizing my rental

What information should be provided to my renters in the apartment?
It is imperative to properly accommodate the renter in your apartment. In order to give them a good home, Paris Attitude has developed a comprehensive home guide for the renter, that you can customize and leave in the apartment.
This guide includes practical information on your apartment (how do the appliances work, for example), information on businesses in the area the apartment is located in, and more generally, information about Paris.

Ask your Paris Attitude consultant for this guide.

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