Ménilmontant Apartments

A place were popular entertainment and history are melted

Ménilmontant, Faubourg de l’Eau Nicknamed Ménilmuche, this working class district is a pleasant and relaxed area in where you can discover the popular and historic side of Paris. Apartment rentals here are more affordable. A small suburb close to Belleville, it was annexed by the capital in 1860. For a long time, Ménilmontant was a simple village on the outskirts of Paris.

A quarter with history running through its veins

With its high-up location, the area traditionally supplied Paris with water. Logically, therefore, the streets include Rue des Cascades (Waterfall Street), Rue de la Mare (Pond Street), and Rue des Rigoles (Stream Street”). A hotbed of several revolts, Ménilmontant still remembers the Villa des Otages and the shootings at the Mur des Fédérés (Communards' Wall) during the Commune episode. Beyond the scars of history, the mythology of Parisian dances is based on “guinguette”. Immortalized by Van Gogh and Renoir, these places are now very popular again.

A source of inspiration

Walk through the streets and immerse yourself in an artistic atmosphere. A traditional immigration district, Ménilmontant is now a window to the whole world with its flavors and aromas from overseas. You’ll discover Notre-Dame de la Croix de Ménilmontant, a proud 19th century church in the neo-roman style. On Rue Crespin-du-Gast stands the Edith Piaf museum, dedicated to the Little Sparrow. You will be naturally led to Belleville park, a former royal domain of the Merovingians. The view of Paris from there is spectacular.

Access and amenities

For shopping, there are plenty of fine food stores in Ménilmontant, and exotic produce abounds with Asian or North African stores on every corner. If you want a traditional French croissant, the bakeries are mainly situated on the boulevards. For getting around, line 2 from Ménilmontant metro station is the most practical option. If you are tempted by the area of the former music cafés, take a look at our list of apartments

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